a trip to ikea

Today, bright clear sunshine against a steel-grey sky. Everything soaking wet, the birds madly busy, the bare branches budding and the moss on the garage roof a vivid lime green.

I took my big son to Ikea and we bought some bulbs and notecards as well as his bookcase, and a big bag of Swedish meatballs for tea for everyone.

For once, I didn't see any fabric I wanted, but perhaps that's a good thing ;-)


Gigibird said...

I haven't been for ages....they seems to have gone a bit 'tropical' with their colours which is good because I don't want so much!
The plants are usually very healthy looking.

Gilly said...

Aha! Wondered where you were! Didn't know you could buy meatballs to take away!

Simone said...

A bounty of bulbs! I have never thought of getting plants from Ikea. I think I will take a look next time I go.

Blueberry Park said...

Isn't it the law that you have to come back with at least 3 things that weren't on the list? For me it was some fab red and blue woven baskets. Btw I love you bags - I'll be back for more of your wonderful blog :-)