a day of books

No energy or reason to do anything other than snuggle under blankets with a pile of books, today. At work yesterday I picked up Quentin Blake's brilliantly fascinating account of his working processes, Words and Pictures, and brought it home to read. I love his Punch cover from 1962 (above). The quality of his line and expression is superb.

I also love his gentle observational humour.

His use of handscript and restrained colour in his early commissions for the Spectator is exquisite.

I always find myself drawn to late fifties and early sixties design, illustration and typography, and thanks to Melissa's recommendation, I've also been really, really enjoying Swedish Embroidery by Eivor Fisher, a gorgeous 1953 publication full of traditional and modern embroidery designs. The original paper patterns are still tucked into the back.

This design for a door curtain covered in hand embroidered Viking ships on grey linen is my favourite.

The detail is so lovely. I am very inspired!

When I have finished browsing through these I have a new book about Dorothy Wordsworth to devour. Light the fire and put the kettle on, someone...

As usual, the images I've used are copyright of the artist/publisher, so mustn't be used for anything except your own personal reference.


elizabethm said...

Love Quentin Blake and the ships too are beautiful.
I like the idea of having nothing to do other than snuggle down with a book!

Simone said...

I am so happy to have just discovered your blog. I have been having a bit of a creative block and was reading Keri Smiths book and then I discover your blog and see the Wish Jar listed on the left hand side! I hope to visit you often for some creative inspiration!

Simone said...

Hi Sue! Thanks for coming to my blog. Silly old me deleted your comment by mistake! I must pay more attention and stop keeping my head in the clouds!!!

Gilly said...

I just love those Viking ships, though I always thought they had square sails? Still, wouldn't have made such a good design that way!

Are you contemplating redesigning your curtains?? ;)

Gigibird said...

Spotted some QB cards in Waitrose this morning.
I also love those Viking curtains.

Must look out that book.

You are so knowledgeable.

neilwaukee said...

you are like a snow flake

Sue said...

Glad you are all enjoying Quentin :-)

People called Quentin are nearly always interesting, aren't they?

Jackie said...

These are just beautiful Sue. Very 'you'. I don't know how I've missed your posts. I love them.
I think its becasue you don't have a 'follow' button and I thought I had you in my google reader list but I don't..I will very soon.
Thanks for your comment on dodgy e mails.

Lucille said...

Yes I acquired this lovely book on the strength of Tiny Happy's recommendation.