slumdog millionaire

You all must go if you haven't been.

It's brilliant.

Very sad and hard to watch especially if you are a mum but a beautiful ending. Brilliantly crafted, gorgeously shot, makes you think and think and think... I've hardly slept.

It's not often I go to the cinema let alone see Oscar-winning films, largely because I'm so often disappointed, but this was superb.



Karen L R said...

just found your blog today. lovely. and i agree, slumdog is a must see. i will check back here often.

Jackie said...

I'm going tomorrow with my friends for one of their birthdays. I'm glad you said this.

gunnelsvensson said...

I want to see this movie too! At the moment it´s very many I wants to see, sometimes it isn´t.

Yes I live in Gothenburg! So fun you like my city, thank you for the kind words !