about this blog

I started this blog in 2008 as a space to reflect on my creative journey at that time, and to sell the things I made and stitched. Over the next eight years or so I painted, stitched, crocheted, gardened, photographed, read, cooked, nurtured my family, and wrote about it on these pages. It is a little snapshot of my life during those years, and the many lovely comments bear witness to the beautiful online community of bloggers and artists who supported each others work during that time. I am no longer updating this blog and am now focusing on my art practice of drawing, painting and printmaking. You can find me on Instagram @suemcloughlin

guest room

I recently spent a lovely few days in Denmark with a good friend. Today she is stopping over at my house overnight, and I enjoyed making the spare room pretty, with the help of a few flowers from the late-summer garden. 

Soon I will post some photos of beautiful Denmark - such a light and airy country with an exquisite aesthetic.

happy nasturtiums

I'm having a go at blogging from my phone. Uploading the photos seems way more complicated than it should be, but hopefully this will work. Lovely bright orange nasturtiums from the garden.


Spring is springing and the blackbirds are singing late into the increasingly light evenings. My thoughts are turning to the veg patch, where the rhubarb I planted last year is tantalisingly pink and lush, but out of bounds until next year to let it get settled in. These wrinkly little chaps are soaking up all the light they can get and sending their little greeny pink shoots outwards and upwards, ready to turn into delicious new potatoes for supper. Fragrant narcissi are illuminating the garden. The Sarah Raven catalogue is the reading of choice. I love spring.


Over the last week or so, the starfish flowers have been worked up in a loooonnnnngggg string of teal Baby Cashmerino and are being blocked ready to turn into an infinity-scarf-necklace-thingy...

starfish flowers

What is a rainy Sunday for, really, other than to teach yourself how to crochet starfish-flowers and join them together?

I used this pattern. I am wondering about a starfish-flower-scarf-necklace now...