Tomorrow we are going away. We are going to stay in a little cottage in the lovely village of Cartmel in the South Lakes for five delicious days. We are not taking any teenagers, and the cottage has not one but two wood-burning stoves, plus a large squishy sofa and a little courtyard garden with a view of the Cistercian Priory. Can you guess how much I am looking forward to this?


Anonymous said...

just a bit...have a fantastic time!

Gigibird said...

If you were going to stay at a guest house I would ask if it belonged to Mavis?
Not one but two wood burners?? One each:)

Hope you have a lovely time.

Lyn said...

Oh you must go to the little shop in the village and get some of their world famous, fantastic sticky toffee pudding (they do other flavours to delight too) mmmmmmm lovely!

Frances said...

By the time I write this, you might already be in the land of lakes.

I know that you will have a wonderful stay, and come home with all sorts of inspiration.


Hollypop's said...

I really can, have a super time.

Jackie said...

Watch out for the sticky toffee pudding!
Lucky you.

Jackie said...

Oh..I didn't read the comments before I posted mine..Lyn had the STP covered in hers.
The woodburners sound wonderfully inviting so I hope you have some woodburner weather as well as some sunshine.
Have fun.

hens teeth said...

Sounds heavenly.

A time to dance said...

Oh I do hope you have a lovely time and the weather is lovely for you...whenever we go it rains!humph! so now its always hard to encourage Polly who always associates the lakes with dark skies and rain and rain and a bit more rain......there are some lovely shops and cofe shops to take your mind off it though

Gretel said...

I can have a stab at imagining what a lovely time you must have had, and trying not to feel faintly envious! Am looking forward to hopefully seeing some pics I can vicariously suck on. Oh that sounds odd, but you know what I mean!