taking no prisoners

I am not a fan of Portmeirion and its Prisoner connections. Although I love 1960s Avengers episodes and early James Bond films I never quite understood The Prisoner's sinister quirkiness, although I am married to someone who really, really does.

The village and garden of Portmeirion, as everybody knows, was created near Portmadoc in North Wales by the crazy-wonderful Clough Williams-Ellis and later became very well known for the ceramics designed by his daughter (which I do rather like).

However, what hardly anyone knows is that Williams-Ellis also created another garden just up the road from Portmeirion which is smaller, more intimate and utterly magical. It is one of my all-time favourite gardens and it is called Plas Brondanw.

This is the estate that Clough Williams-Ellis inherited from his father and lived in until his death in 1978, and he put huge amounts of time, energy and money into creating and nurturing this secret garden full of ferns, worn stone steps, mosaics and painted ironwork, all tucked away on the side of a magical wooded hillside with the most breathtaking views of Snowdonia.

I have visited this garden and the surrounding woods and paths many many times and I think it is one of my happiest and most creative places to be. These pictures are from several years ago but I hope they convey something of the spirit of the place. You can see lots more here.


elizabethm said...

Gorgeous and not too far from me. I will have to add it to my list of places to go!

Gigibird said...

You are a font of knowledge!

It does look lovely….I am rather fond of ferns.

Frances said...

Hello Sue, I think that these garden photos do make easy side bars to your lacy crochet. All those ferns. It is interesting how the mind holds an image, and then releases that image when an artistice call might register.

Laughing to read about your remembering the little incursive dog's noses poking in from the margins of the Bonnards.

Yesterday's trip across the Park was grand because I saw what I saw, but also disappointing because the little library was closed yesterday and today to observe Presidents Day holiday. I should have thought of it, but ... did not.

So...my trip to the stacks will have to wait for another day later this week.

Right now, my throat is aching, and I am not too sure just how much of a hold this current germ has got on my innards.

I have got a busy week ahead, so hope the germs release their hold ... pronto.


Hens Teeth said...

I had no idea! The garden is so beautiful!
Visiting gardens is one of my 'hobbies', so I shall look forward to visiting this one. Thank you.

Kaylovesvintage said...

beautiful garden

Gilly said...

I didn't know it was there! Maybe a day trip when (if) the summer comes!