It's difficult to think of many things more beautiful than birds. I saw these paper and wire pigeons in the window of 'Anthropologie' in New York last month and loved them. They were hard to photograph though.

And this morning we had five jays in our garden. The blue of a jay feather seems to me to be magical. If ever I find one lying on the ground, I feel like I have found treasure.


Gilly said...

FIVE jays??!! How lovely! Like the bluebirds, too.

Hens Teeth said...

Oh I'm inspired now....seeing that fantastic window, those paper cut birds on the wire are wonderful. Thank you.

Talking of jays, my mom and dad bought an amateur water colour from an antique shop last week...someone has painted a jay but used real jay feathers for the feathers, if you get my drift. My mom asked me if I would have bought it and I said "yes", but I was thinking.... that I would like to take it apart and use the feathers in my own art!

HD41117 said...

That is one beautifully envisaged and realised window display. Wow, they're good! I can see the problem with photographing the wire shapes but you did it marvellously. And so, just like the embroidered flower from the commonplace post, this image makes beautiful the desktop of my trusty mobile.

Margaret Roach said...

Feathers are indeed powerful fetishes, or sacred objects, and have forever been regarded as such in cultures worldwide...worn as talismans, used in ceremonies. I've been reading more about this lately, another avenue of bird-exploration for me.

I hate to confess how many hours I spend in a week just staring out at the birds; I am endlessly fascinated by them, and I know what you mean about the brightly colored ones like the jays (or here the cardinals). Astonishing.