happy nasturtiums

I'm having a go at blogging from my phone. Uploading the photos seems way more complicated than it should be, but hopefully this will work. Lovely bright orange nasturtiums from the garden.


rossichka said...

Such a lively, bright spot inside the house! I'm trying to read the unwritten lines and I realize that they are "hidden" in this photo... For me its message is that you are enjoying your summer and the garden.:)xx

Pam said...

For such a long time I had nasturtiums in so many different colours in the garden. But now there aren't any. And now I realise I miss them! Good luck with the phone blogging x

Frances said...

Dear Sue, I am delighted to see this post! I like the reflection in your photograph very much...summer flowers and light and grace.

Now, I greedily hope that we might see another post before too long. I am still without any smart phone, and wondering if I will always be so. Maybe!

Happy Summer. xo

Elizabeth said...

Dear Sue, we are in the middle of winter here in Ballarat - snow even!
I won't see my nasturtiums for a few months so I'll enjoy yours.
I'm glad to see you are well and maybe even blogging again!

Toffeeapple said...

Such a pleasure to see a post from you, and, what a colourful one! I haven't seen any Nasturtiums for such a long time - perhaps I should grow some next year.

Gilly said...

Lovely orange nasturtiums (?orange??) from your garden. And they look so lovely in that little vase in front of the mirror. Clever!

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