Over the last week or so, the starfish flowers have been worked up in a loooonnnnngggg string of teal Baby Cashmerino and are being blocked ready to turn into an infinity-scarf-necklace-thingy...


Marigold Jam said...

Can't wait to see the finished article. Love the little pincushion in the photo - it is a pin cushion isn't it?!

Sue said...

Yes! It's one of my reject pincushions from several years ago. I wrote about the successes here:

rossichka said...

I'm so curious to see this star "thingy!" I imagine them scattered over a blanket and pillows, too.:) Love the colours!

elizabeth said...

Came to you via Valerie whose work I so much admire and whose books I collect for my grandchildren.
Your little starfish remind me a little of some of the designs of a Danish crafter Kirsten_L_N
whose work I see on Instagram.
How lovely to work in such a historic place.
Warmest wishes from New York.

Frances said...

Sue, those starfish flowers seem to be dancing around your sweet pin cushion...a soft little conga line, perhaps? This picture has definitely made me smile.

Snow flurries dancing around as the sun sets over here. They are very pretty and graceful, and don't seem to be the type of flakes to accumulate into drifts.


Gina said...

What a lovely photo... So pretty

Sue said...

Pic soon I promise!

Sue said...

Hello Elizabeth and thank you for visiting! I will look up Kirsten - I love Danish design. All best wishes to you.

Sue said...

What a lovely image, thank you Frances 😊

Sue said...


Chloe said...

It feels like dance of starfishes :) Just a moment to their singing

Sue said...


Pam said...

Having just got back into reading my favourite blogs, it was so lovely to see you back! And having had three seaside walks this week (I know - smug showing through) it was even more special to see all your gorgeous starfish crochet.
P x

Sue said...

Thanks Pam! Lovely to hear from you :-)

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