guest room

I recently spent a lovely few days in Denmark with a good friend. Today she is stopping over at my house overnight, and I enjoyed making the spare room pretty, with the help of a few flowers from the late-summer garden. 

Soon I will post some photos of beautiful Denmark - such a light and airy country with an exquisite aesthetic.


Frances said...

Sue, it's always a delight to see a post from you. Perhaps you will show us some photographs from your recent Denmark visit? The tranquil atmosphere you've created in your guest room is lovely. The garden bouquet is a perfect welcoming touch.


Sue said...

Thank you lovely Frances! Denmark pics coming up soon. Hope you are well xx

Frances said...

All is well here in NYC, Sue. I've had a wonderful opportunity to enjoy even more of my city life since I retired from paid employment just before Easter. Hoping to get over to the UK fall, or early winter. Just as I'd anticipated, I easily filled up the days that retirement opened up, and now still wish for more free time.


Acornmoon said...

How weird , we were just having a conversation about hygge and here it is. I knew you would have your new home all Mouse and hygge. I am very envious of your trip to Denmark.

Sue said...

Ah, thank you Val! My house was described as 'hyggely' by my Danish friends which I consider the ultimate compliment!

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