new things in the shop

There are a few new things in the shop today - market bags in beautiful, washable, soft green and white cotton, handpainted christmas decorations, and garlands made of vintage sheet music...

The decorations and garlands come in cellophane bags and are perfect for popping in with a Christmas card for a little extra gift.

There are still a few everlasting wreaths, sturdy hand-embroidered denim bags, pure organic hand-crocheted facecloths and embroided linen hearts to buy too, but hurry as stocks are thinning out. Don't forget that postage and packing remains free to anywhere in the world!

Shop link here.


A time to dance said...

oooh...I think I will pop it snowing at your end...its sooooooclod here

rossichka said...

It's so nice that people buy your beauties!! The Christmas spirit is sneaking here, too...I'm the main Santa Claus at home. Having in mind that I hate the queues in the shops, maybe it's time to look around for the gifts...:)

Jackie said...

Don't forget to save some for the 18th.
I bet you have lots of new stuff too.

Reading Tea Leaves said...

So glad I popped over - just placed my order!