happy easter!

Hope you all are having fun with friends and family or enjoying solitary peace and quiet.

I have eaten quite a lot of chocolate and cooked two huge legs of lamb and a lemon tart.


Lyn said...

Me too-the chocolate that is! but had a lovely Easter Sunday with friends.
Happy Easter to you too!

*Marie* said...

Sue, I wish you Happy Happy Easter!!! Enjoy the briliant weather with the ones you love:)...... hugs *Marie*

Gigibird said...

Lemon tart - yes please.

Guess what we had for Sunday lunch?
Beans on toast!

Jackie said...

I went to my Mums for lunch. Yorkshire puddings to die for, apple pie and custard for afters. diet wrecked. Even my two hungover sons who went out together last night managed to eat a goodly amount, much to their grandma's delight.
And I too have stuffed a lot of choc in.

Karen L R said...

Foil covered chocolate eggs are a sure sign of spring. What a great photo!

Wild Rose said...

Oh, I ate far too much chocolate and cake. We also had roast lamb, which was quite delicious.

Happy Easter Sue

Marie x

Sue said...

Mmmm - loved hearing about all your lunches! Food is so great isn't it :-)