feeling maundy

I always think it's a shame this word doesn't mean what it sounds like: unsettled, fidgetty, a bit grumpier than usual, wishing you could get into your pyjamas...

Let's use it this way anyway, shall we? I have certainly been feeling very maundy this week, although today, ironically, I have cheered up and as well as making some preparations for Easter I've been busy in my sketchbook.

For a long time now I've been as preoccupied with thinking about my work as I have with actually getting on with any. I've asked myself hundreds of questions and spent a lot of time seeking direction and inspiration. This is all good, but recently I've become restless and felt ready to start producing some more significant work again.

So this week I asked myself a new and more direct question:

'Very specifically, what body of work would you like to have produced by the end of this year?'

This is what I answered...
  • A collection of stitch samples (hand and machine) which are completely personal to me in terms of method, materials, technique, colour and overall feel. More particularly, I am aiming to find a quality of line that I like, ways of exploiting a limited range of stitches, simple materials, and the achievement of a graphic and painterly feel.
  • Similarly, I want to produce a series of paper samples which will improve the techniques and materials that I use in my drawing and painting. Working into and through different ways of making marks and textures until I feel totally comfortable with these techniques.
  • A drawing-a-day (at least) to get my observational drawing skills into shape again.
  • The production of some constructed pieces - cloth, paper, not sure yet - that feel personal and meaningful.
  • The development of my Mouse Accessories products to a point where I am happy that they sit comfortably alongside my more expressive work.
This, then, is what I'm going to be up to for the next few months. Creating a project for myself in this way should help to focus my mind and I'm hoping that the discipline will enable me to produce some meaningful work. It's a way of working that I found very productive during my time at art college, so I'm feeling optimistic.


Gigibird said...

I am sooo excited Sue....glad you have some concrete thoughts which to me looks like a plan:)

Mal* said...

This post really inspires me. I think I need to take some time and really get my head in one direction. Thank you so much for sharing. (As always, I love the images from your sketchbook.)

Menopausal musing said...

I hope we get to follow your progress, its such a personal thing. I love your limited palette. x

kate fern said...

Your drawings are lovely, I can't wait to see your new work - great that you're feeling inspired

Gilly said...

Glad you are going to stop feeling Maundy and get on creatively again! Love that blue/white spiral thing - feels very meaningful to me, though can't quite pinpoint why!

You'd better finish that pink crochet first though.......

Jackie said...

Look at this....you are just yhe same as me!Thanks for the lovely comment.
Do you think the weather does it? Its changing and unsettling but not quite there yet and I think it gets us down.
Now your new work is gorgeous, surely you are excited by it? I never seem to have the time to sit and develop new ideas. I will resolve to do it ..just as soon as the next big show is over.

Tracy x said...

sounds beautiful - cannot wait to see what you create if you decide to show x
your creations have a sense of magic about them - simply wonderful
t x

Jackie said...

At the risk of sounding like a complete know it all..the word Maunday comes from 'mandate'(because on that day Christ gave a new mandate to 'love one another as I have loved you')
So..you have given yourself a new mandate for your new work. Congratulations. No better day to do it!

Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

I sympathise so much with your feelings about your work. I get very confused about what I want to do, what I think I should do, what I can do, what I think I can do and all points in between. (Even trying to write what I feel is confusing!)

But I think you've created an excellent plan there. I'm sure it will help you! Your drawings are a wonderful start.