snowdrop garden

Just a quick post to display this drawing I (finally) produced for the online course I'm doing. It's based on the walled garden photographs I took at Rode Hall last week, you can see some of these below and more on my Flickr page. It's a bit constipated and lacks technical expertise (I am out of practice) but on the whole I'm pleased with the work I've done over the last few days. Next week's assignment has already been posted so I'd better run.


rossichka said...

How nice to be busy with an art project! Do you enjoy being a student again?:) I like that your sight to the garden is from a high position.

caireen said...

what a lovely image - romantic and dreamlike.(?) Cx

Lyn said...

I really. really love this painting.

Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

A wonderful drawing. I like the grid-like structure, and the 'scratchy' style. (Does that make sense?)
I'm with you on trying to kick-start creativity - I'm embarking on that process myself!

Lesley Austin said...

Hello Sue,
I had loaded your blog while I was talking to my son and sort-of watching Jon Stewart (I know, not terribly mindful!), so I was seeing and yet not-seeing your painting for a few minutes. It was so satisfying and earthy to look at, and my eyes kept being drawn to it...tho' I honestly didn't know if it was a photograph taken from above of green fields and white sheep and brown roads or something else.

When I stopped talking and watching and read your post, I discovered the lovely truth of the snowdrop garden sprung from your own hands.
You must be so pleased.

acornmoon said...

This is lovely, it would make a great embroidery too. Those little white snowdrop marks are crying out to be stitched!

Jacqui Dodds said...

Love the drawing and the colours that you have used. Sounds an interesting project and hope to see more of your work.