William Nicholson: White Orchids on Books 1916

Been thinking a lot about the qualities of still life and composition since my last post and thought I would share with you the wonderful Tumblr site Still Life Quick Heart which I've recently discovered. A constant stream of different images of still life in all its different forms, from ancient to modern, all through the day... fantastic inspiration.

I've been drawing this week and thinking about a close relation of the artist featured above... one of my all time favourite painters and a constant source of inspiration, especially his drawings and sketches. I particularly love the work he did in Cumbria when he was still married to Winifred Nicholson:

Ben Nicholson: Foothills, Cumberland 1928

And this is where I shall be (or very nearby) for the weekend, which makes me very happy indeed. Wishing you all a happy few days doing something you love... back next week.


jackiebean said...

what a lovely tumblr. i think i could spend hours there. thanks for sharing the link. xo

Frances said...

Sue, I will have a look at the tumblr. Meanwhile, let me tell you (probably not a surprise) that I am also a fan the various Nicholsons.

Have a great time away. Tell us about it (with some pictures) when you get back.


Gilly said...

Now that is a great Ben Nicholson - I love it!

I shall pray for fine weather for your weekend :)

Cottage Garden said...

Thanks for the wonderful Tumblr link Sue.

I love the Ben Nicholson piece.

Enjoy your weekend away!


Jackie said...

I expect you're having a birthday treat..enjoy it.

Martina Tierney said...

Sue, lovely tumblr website, and I love your still life three different ways - a great way to make you think. I'm studying photography and am doing my next portfolio on still life from 17th century Dutch 'Vanitas' images through 19th century Cezanne and similar to modern. I haven't put any on my blog yet, but will do when I'm happy with them. Looking forward to getting some inspiration from your blog.

A time to dance said...

I love the painting of cumbria...beautiful...hope you had a peaceful time there...

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