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A little while ago, Elizabeth wrote a sensitive, questioning post about the nature of blogging. She asks the things that we have all probably wondered at one time or another: are our ramblings relevant? Read by anyone? Of interest unless we specialise on one subject or another?

Her post generated some interesting and thoughtful comments, most of which conveyed quite strongly that the answer to all these questions is a definite yes, and that personality, individual spirit and sense of place are the things that draw us into a blog and keep us following.

As I was considering all this, I found myself at work one day, cataloguing a book written and illustrated by a Chinese artist in the 1930s. In the introduction, he questions the value of his perspective and writes these words:

"But life is too short and precious for us to pass through it without leaving a few footprints behind us. A man's experience in a certain place at a certain time must be unique, in some way different from the experience of others. Why should I not leave a few words to mark one period in my brief life? Even a bird's clawprints remain for a little time in the snow."

From The Silent Traveller in Oxford by Chiang Yee

His thoughts certainly seemed to sum up how I feel about this blog. Maybe they will encourage some of you to continue with your own.

There will be more posts to come in the next few days as I process my photographs from Norfolk and share some crochet projects with you. I have been having lots of thoughts, but the weather has been just too lovely to sit inside sharing them with the computer...


marigold jam said...

Thank you for that - I think many of us question why we are blogging and whether it is of any relevance etc etc - I have been doing so recently and wondering whether to continue or not so it is good to hear that quote and to realise that we each have our own stories to tell and we each have a right to be heard and bloggers are a really supportive community and we all need all the friends we can get. Thanks again.


annekata said...

Just started a blog 2 months ago and have been pondering about all these questions. Then I read your beautiful post. It made my weekend. Thanks so much!


Frances said...

Yes, Sue, those words are encouraging, as were some said to me today by one of the few folks that I know in real-live and virtual-blog land. Yes, you qualify in both spaces, but 'twas not you to whom I spoke.

Okay. Now I have to go type a quick blog from the underground...aka the NYC subway system.


Pam said...

Probably most, if not all, of us go through periods of indecision about our blogs. Continue? Relevant to anyone else? Interesting to anyone atall?
But hey, they're our blogs and we're not forcing anyone to read them. We're just pleased when someone does.
Enjoy the sunshine and your garden - a perfect combination - this weekend.
P x

Dragonfly said...

That has summed it up perfectly, thank you.
I find it so difficult to get back to blogging even after a short break. My mind is full of potential posts then when I get my keyboard in front of me, it goes blank.

acornmoon said...

That is indeed a beautiful quote and one which is worth remembering.

I don't always leave a comment on your blog but ever since I have found it I am pleased to visit and a new blog entry by you is always greeted with enthusiasm. There is always something interesting here and visually pleasing.

elizabethm said...

Thank you Sue and what a great quote! I was astonished and grateful at the number of people who chose to leave a comment and at how supportive those comments were. I think we just have to be true to our own interests and passions. That is what makes people connect I think.

Gilly said...

I love that quote - its what I've felt for a long time, but never tried to express. So far, any marks I've left have been more like bird claws in melting snow!!

Are those shells, birds, boats etc. yours??

alice c said...

Thank you - this post could not have been more perfectly timed for me.

Ginny said...

You have a lovely blog and it is such an unexpected joy to come upon like-minded folks on line with inspirational writing and beautiful photos. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing.

Chrissie said...

I've made some lovely friends through blogging, so it's worth it just for that, for me.

I'm looking forward to seeing your Norfolk photographs!

Kitschen Pink said...

you came to norfolk?! you were at Voewood methinks! looking forward to your eye on our county! t.xx