cakes and ale

Towards the seedier end of Manchester there used to be a wonderfully named pub called the Land O'Cakes, a concept, I'm sure you'll agree, which merits quite a lot of extremely pleasurable thought. Just recently I have begun to feel like I might have been transported, if not to this actual place, then at least to a neighbouring territory, as I embark on this week's task of producing enough cake for 250 people (for my friend Anne's garden open day: see last year's entry for more details). Last week was all about my youngest son's 18th birthday party, for which more cake had to be produced, along with a LOT of beer... much as I love both cakes and beer, I am beginning to feel that I may have had enough of both for a little while.

The photo above has nothing to do with cakes or ale, but is a very pretty tombstone from Plemstall village chuch near Chester. The photo below, however, is very much about cake... it's a detail from The Elephant and the Bad Baby by Elfrida Vipont and illustrated by Raymond Briggs. You can just see the elephant's trunk as he steals 'a bun for himself and a bun for the bad baby'. I loved reading this book to my children when they were little, and now I'm enjoying reading it to my little granddaughter too.

We're off to lovely Norfolk next week for a break from cakes and children... I will return, relaxed, with photos to show you.


Hollace said...

Have a great getaway. Wish I could sample the cakes.

Lyn said...

What a great name for a pub!
I remember your friends open garden day last year, hope it all goes well!

Gina said...

Your post made me smile. Have a lovely time in Norfolk,

A Time to Dance said...

looking forward to hearing of your adventures...H

Lesley Austin said...

Hello Mouse,
At last I compelled to comment, tho' simply finding your blog should have been enough, and then the introduction to listography was also a very good reason to write and thank you. But of course it is cake that inspired me to click the comment tell you about a book I found at an antiques store a few years ago called (most appropriately!)
Cakes and Ale [at Woodbine-From Twelfth Night to New Year's Day] by Barry Gray 1883. And I thought that you might appreciate the quote on the title page:

"Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?" -Sir Toby Belch in Twelfth Night

Enjoy your holiday,


Frances said...

Sue, do have a fine getaway, and best wishes on all the baking that is to come.

Just how many cake baking pans/tins do you have? How much sugar will you need to take on?
Butter, eggs, flour, baking power, vanilla?

I just am amazed at what you are about to undertake.


Gilly said...

I can assure all readers of this blog that the cakes were absolutely delicious, as were all the other food Sue had been so busy preparing!

Now we want fine, dry weather for the weekend!

Karen said...

A rest from children is good. Don't take a rest from cakes, however--at least not from eating them!!!! Have a great time!

Susan Heather said...

Cakes - I just love baking - bread, muffins and biscuits mainly but have a batch of fruit buns (hot cross buns without the crosses) about to go in the oven.

I read your account from last year of the fundraising and noticed it was in part for Alzheimer's. What a wonderful, caring group they are. My husband attended for the first time yesterday and it gave me a chance to do some much needed housework. Wonderful.

Pam said...

Have a relaxing time in Norfolk. We're planning an escape to the Cotswolds at the end of the month. Peace at last.
P x

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

was wandering exactly what part of our city you could be thinking of....but yes, you are right!

altho i think not for too much longer...the developers have their beedy eyes on that area and it's fast being gobbled up and spat out as chic

Jackie said...

I'm fact I know..there are cakes in Norfolk.
Have a lovely time..I'm sure you will.

vicki said...

What a lovely little children's story - the illustrations are just precious! The tombstone picture is fabulous - how I would love to walk around and take photos in that wonderful place! Best of luck in your cake baking venture!