dreaming of spring...

There are more than a few signs round our way that spring is just around the corner. Not that I am wishing away winter, because unlike lots of people I do really enjoy this time after Christmas when winter becomes just itself, and not the run-up to the festive season... it has a simple, pared-down quality, when yes, the days are short, but they are also precious and the light can be magically luminous and clear. Evenings are for books and games and crochet by the fire, good things on tv and radio, and meals are warm and nourishing.

Despite this it is both energising and reassuring to know that spring is on its way, the earth is turning and the seasons are following one after the other as they should. And there are signs of this everywhere... the lengthening days which no longer pack up for the night at quarter to four but are still light and bright at half past... the blackbird and the song thrush singing again in the late afternoon... little green shoots emerging from the cold soil... and these lovely delicate primroses nestling underneath the honeysuckle. Foxes are barking in the depth of night, squirrels are chasing one another and birds are looking around for places to nest.

All this makes me happy.


JP said...

I wish i could be as positive as you about this time of year! - but i do agree things are stirring again

Lyn said...

... and I have some snowdrops popping up too!
Love this post.

Gigibird said...

Primroses are my favourite flowers.

Frances said...

Sue, I am with you in really liking these first months of the year. It's fun to see the light start earlier and last longer each day.

As you wrote, it's also fun to be indoors, and enjoying pursuits that being indoors just encourages.

After any deadline-driven pursuits leading on to 12/25, it is rather relaxing to keep a hold of some of that momentum, without any reason to do any particular thing by ... a date certain.

Oh, wait a minute, I am day dreaming here. The shop still requires all those deadlines to be dealt with.

All the same, away from that shop, I so think the pace is different and wonderful just now.

Best wishes to you. xo

andamento said...

hear, hear.

Gillian L. said...

My snowdrops are almost in bloom, but I know we have a few more days of Winter to go through where I live. I confess that I do love the seasons...I cannot imagine living where it is pretty much the same all year. Your primroses are so nice to see.


Gilly said...

You've got primroses!? Still mid-winter up here!

But the daffodils are pushing through manfully (?womanfully?) and spring is really trying to get here.

You sound so calm and peaceful, its refreshing to read you. x

Becca said...

Love your post and your take on winter.

日月神教-向左使 said...