sunday market

On Sunday I am going to be having a stall here:

If you live in Manchester why not come along? It is going to be a really good market with lots of stalls all selling handmade paper and textile things.

You can also see the brilliant Cloth and Culture Now exhibition which is having its last day on Sunday.

I am going to be selling all my usual bags and accessories plus some new lime green and brown flowery bags that I am finishing off in a hurry this week.

Hope to see you there.


Art4Sol said...

Please take some photos to share for those of us unable to attend...if you have time. Love your blog.

hens teeth said...

Thank you for your comment....your blog is beautiful. I'm at work at the mo, so I shall spend more time reading tonight.
I, unfortunately won't be able to attend Fair this coming weekend, which I'm really sorry about, but I really hope you have a fab fair.

Jackie said...

It will be lovely to see you at the fair..but human nature makes me panic..we can't all sell loads of things ....can we....? I love your stuff and it immediately makes me feel insecure!

elizabethm said...

Good luck. won't be able to make the market but have had some of Sue's lovely bags for Christmas presents - they are great, thank you.

Frances said...

Best wishes at the Fair!

I have never been to Manchester, but perhaps one of these days.

Just bet that you will have great success on Sunday.