cold and crisp

Winter has us firmly in its grip now and as we move towards the last week of advent I am beginning to feel 'christmassy'* at last. There comes a moment every year when I want to sit all by myself, without interruption and with a steaming cup of tea in my hand, and listen to my favourite carol, the piercingly beautiful Bethlehem Down. This I have just done, and there now follows a week of almost brain-burstingly frenetic activity, but I now feel that I am in the right place mentally to get safely through to next weekend.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Whitworth Craft Market yesterday and managed to sell quite a few things, as well as receiving many compliments from visitors. The best bit was seeing one of my teddycats fall into the ownership of the loveliest little rosy cheeked girl I think I have ever seen, who immediately cuddled her very close and tore around showing her to everybody in the room. I was also very pleased to meet Ness Donnelly and Jacky Cardy and see their lovely work, as well as many other gifted artists and makers.

There are still plenty of lovely things left to buy in my shop, including these handpainted tree decorations:

There are also some lovely new vibrant lime green and brown bags, and don't forget you can get a nice 10% discount by entering the code NOTEBOOK at checkout.

I think I am getting better at packaging and presentation now - what do you think?

Over Christmas I hope to continue thinking about the direction my work will go next year, including looking at old sketchbooks, going through my enormous pile of reference material and art/craft books, and doing some new drawings and paintings.

Sketchbook page

But first, a trip to the post office with the cards...thank goodness for the invention of non-lick stamps.

*Michael McIntyre is so funny about this, but fast forward to about six minutes to avoid the awful John Cleese bit.


Gigibird said...

Firstly I am glad at least one of us has found her Christmas groove….
Well done you for doing the fair and having a lovely time.
I think your packaging is most excellent and very professional looking especially those little rounds with the price on.

Sue said...

Thank you very much. The little rounds were harder than you might think... getting the price in the centre is quite an art.

Gunnels blog said...

you have a very beautiful blog !!!

Sue said...

Thank you!

Lorenza said...

oh... I thought I left a comment yesterday, but I must have deleted by mistake...

anyway, I just wanted to say that I came by the xmas fair last sunday, and I really liked your work (as well as Ness' and Jackie's), so much so I was going to come up and say hello, but then I got all shy and just smiled and walked passed... oh dear, what am I like!

So happy I found your blog. I'll be enjoying reading your posts!

xmas wishes,

Sue said...

Oh Lorenza! That is exactly the sort of thing I would do, too. What a shame you didn't come and say hi... I am glad you have plucked up courage to leave a comment on here instead though. Your blog is fascinating, I will definitely bookmark it for a proper read. Meanwhile, have a very Happy Christmas!