the sounds of a quiet house

Today the light is very dim. The earth is moving gradually further and further from our sun and each day will become shorter and shorter over the next five weeks.

This is bad news for people who are wanting to take photographs of bags and accessories... but I have had a go and you will see a few bits and pieces throughout the length of this post.

This week as I've been stitching and snipping, printing and stapling, painting and packing for hours and hours and hours, I've been hugely aware of my senses. For the most part my eyes and hands have been too busy to notice much other than the few square inches in front of me, but my ears and nose have been wide open.

The sounds of the house and the space around us: crows in the tall trees, the wind, the distant traffic, the gentle hum of my laptop, a far-off train, the hiss and click of the iron. The smell of paint and ink and paper, the way each fabric smells different when it's ironed, the bouncing unruliness of polyester ribbon.

And at some point in the day - at least just for a time, because I like the silence too - the comforting tones of the radio, filling the room with stories, plays, odd little programmes about cider or 24-hour shopping, and repeated late-night music shows.

So that's been my week. What are the sounds of your house?


PG said...

Ah, what utterly gorgeous birds.

I like my house quiet too. But it is often punctuated by the snoring of cats!

Gigibird said...

I too am a fan of silence. I used to be a big fan of R4 but now can't get it (don't ask) so the birds singing outside are my favourite sounds.

Dia said...

Mmm, I like silence - need it to sleep, especially! I also like the sound of soft harp strings (my own :) or flute, . . . what sweet creations - hope you do well at the craft faire!!