meet the family

Shhh... don't let them hear, but despite their cheerful and stoic faces, this poor little family have all been cruelly rejected on grounds of appearance and technical ineptitude.

They are lined up in order of experimentation: I wasted a whole day on this yesterday, each time hoping that this one was the final one, and each time finding problems with the face, the ears, the stuffing hole or the roundedness of their bottoms. Poor little catbears.

Anyway I am pleased to report that some sort of perfection has now been achieved and the new superduper smartypants catbear will be appearing soon at craft markets in the north west of England, sporting a variety of attractive outfits.

I will get him to pose for a photo before he goes.


Gilly said...

I just love the one on the left, and the one second from right! I am sure I know a good home for one - will negotiate later! Do you remember the little horses I made when you were small? I had awful trouble with their ears!

Sue said...

Those little horses have always had a happy place in my memory, I loved them. Wish I still had one. Ears are tricky :-)

Leah said...

ack! these are so super cute!!

Anonymous said...

So sad that they go to the Land of Misfit Toys.

You might want to place a special basket in your next fair with discounted "rejects." I know my heart would just break and I'd have to buy one!!!