seduced by sparkle

Yesterday I wrote excitedly about the lovely voiles I bought for my autumn leaves bag project.

Voiles schmoiles.

I have discovered I don't like voiles.

Good things about voiles: they are sparkly and shiny, they come in rich, voluptuous colours, they play with the light beautifully and they are cheap.

Bad things about voiles: they pucker when you sew them, they are difficult to handle, they appear flat and boring when they aren't getting enough movement, they have no drape, and they look cheap.

I'm kind of embarrassed to show you my samples today, now I've realised voiles was a bad idea. But as artists and makers we must always be learning, and the important understanding for me today has been that despite all their shouting for attention with bright colours and gaudy shimmering, I don't much like working with synthetic materials.

I think perhaps some nice little snippets of dupion silk instead, don't you?


Gigibird said...

Have you got spam Sue?

Yes I agree.....natural is best.
Silk, yes sod the at a loss - it's the only way I know

Sue said...

Yep, the Spammers got me. I don't like having to do the letters and numbers thing but may have to give in if Senor Spam keeps popping in to say hello.

Jo said...

Love the gold leaves on the denim blue background. I can't wait to see the finished products in your shop!