crochet happiness

I am now officially addicted to making these little crochet circles, having learned how to do them on You Tube. See this post for more crochet loveliness and a link to the tutorial.

Each one takes an hour or so - quite a bit less if I'm concentrating and rather longer if I'm also watching tv. The yarn is a mixture of Rowan Wool Aran and some other, cheaper yarns, although they all have at least some wool in them. I didn't want to spend a fortune, and for this project I didn't need the yarn to be super duper soft.

I see this turning into a picnic rug, or something to snuggle into while drinking a late-night cup of coffee in the garden. Or perhaps it will end up in my newly decorated spare room (when I get around to decorating it that is). As you can see the colours are my favourite muted beiges, greens and blues with some defining white and a gorgeous chocolate brown.

The great thing about a project like this is that it only takes about six 100g balls of wool, although I'll need to choose another colour for the joining rounds, which I estimate will use another couple of hundred grams. Great fun for autumn evenings!


Gilly said...

They look deliciously soft! Haven't managed to go round and round yet!!

Gigibird said...

These are wonderful. If you do nothing else in your life at least you can crochet yourself a blanket.

melissa said...

beautiful. i love the design and those colours- just perfect! i can't crochet to save my life, so i might have a wee look at that tutorial.
thanks! :)

Sue said...

Melissa, you should definitely go for it! I watched it hundreds of times to get it right but it is worth it!

Anonymous said...

I like your sense of color and the color scheme you use. It's very comforting and quiet. I guess sort of like a mouse! :-)

When I was a waitress at 15, my coworkers called me mouse because I was so shy.

I loved to read the Country Mouse and City mouse when I was a little girl.