autumn still life

I went out into the garden today and sighed, because so much needed to be done, and there was interesting stuff to do indoors.

But I'm glad I did put my wellies on and go outside, and as I worked I realised these things about gardening:

It is good to be immersed in the smells of earth, of the scents of foliage as you cut back and brush past, the aroma of compost, and of growing things.

Quite a lot is possible in two hours: more than you expect.

You somehow become alert to another rhythm, a different perspective.

You are exposed to the unexpected.

On a bad day, it can be enough to make you want to carry on.

You become aware that everything in the garden will continue without your intervention, which is somehow soothing.

By some unknown means, it gets your thoughts moving, your anxieties settle, there is a peacefulness.

The fear that nothing will ever be completed seems to become oddly disarmed as you work, despite the fact that every job you begin seems to reveal another.

It is the perfect excuse for a cup of tea and a toasted teacake.


Susan Heather said...

How true - and that toasted teacake looks delicious

Sandra Robinson said...

This can be a very busy time in the garden, but what a beautiful day to be outside surrounded by those lovely aromas. I am sure that teacake was well deserved.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I think you described gardening at this time of year perfectly!

Frances said...

Sue, without even a window box to cultivate, you can guess how I might envy you the opportunity to go out to your garden to investigate what's happening there, and having done that investigation, to have the impulse towards deeper contemplation.

Let me get my envious greenery in check and also tell you how much I like the picture you've posted. It's inspiring me to get my own pencils, brushes and paints out's supposed to be a beautiful autumn day here and Central Park should be up to the mark.


Mari Brown and Colourblob said...

I like the still life, and the story behind it. I love gardening in the fall,the scent of the earth and the leaves, its good therapy from every days stresses.

Gilly said...

Yes, there is a lot to do outside, and the sun has come out and there is no excuse!!

Thank you for your loving help and inspiration!

Karen L R said...

quite a lovely post. thank you.

sue said...

I find every job becomes smaller after a cuppa and teacake!

Anonymous said...

I can almost feel myself tempted to return to my garden. I really love being outside, and also like my garden. However, I don't actually enjoy the process of gardening at all. I agree with the person who said that gardening is just housework outside. However, your description sounds tantalizing. Especially with a tasty reward at the end of it. Thank you!

ljw said...

There's often a tug of war going on between my desire to draw and the need to sort out the garden both of which I adore especially when I can harvest the fruits (literally !) of my labours. Both activities soothe a troubled mind.

Jackie said...

love it. I need to et out in the garden but you've given me the perfect excuse 'everything...will continue without.....intervention'.
So I won't intervene!

elena nuez said...

I like this style of life!