out with the old

Over the next few days I shall be 'completing' 2014 with the help of these insightful questions which I originally found three years ago via Megan. I have done them every year since then and have found them incredibly useful in processing what has passed, and as a springboard into the new year. For me it's a much more meaningful exercise than party-poppers and fireworks and all the false midnight jollity. This year there is much to be thankful for and much to look forward to, but there has also been gut-wrenching disappointment and sadness, and the possibilities of the new year seem much thinner and more well-concealed than in past times.

One of my primary goals is to make more art, and try to work through whatever it is that has so far prevented me from full creative expression. I am both excited and fearful about this.

See you next year!