we have winners...

And they are...

Vivienne of Green Rabbit Designs, Annie of Knitsofacto, Frances of City Views, Country Dreams, Tess of Driftwood, and Helen of A Gallimaufry (Helen I can't find an email contact for you, so please email me with your postal address).

Thank you all for your lovely comments and for your continued support and appreciation which is always very very welcome. A little wreath or heart will be winging its way to the five winners very soon!

a catch-up and a giveaway

Since we last met I've been doing various things...

I have visited (too briefly) the brilliantly inspiring Grayson Perry exhibition at the British Museum. It was brilliant, I would love to go again... don't miss it if you are passing through London.

I am reading Journal of a Solitude by May Sarton and am just about to start Wolf Hall.

I have joined a new choir and we are singing Vivaldi's Gloria and lots of lovely Christmassy music.

I have bought an easel and have begun to experiment with painting standing up. I love the sense of freedom and energy in the body when working this way.

I have been enjoying looking at the still lifes of John Bellany and the work of Janet Melrose:

I have also reached a hundred followers, which is lovely, and as a thank you I have a few bits and bobs from last years mouse winter shop that need a home... just leave a comment whether you are a follower or not and I will select three or four winners at random on Sunday evening.

I wish I could tell you the maker of the beautiful ceramic work at the top of the post... but I've forgotten... sorry.

paint it black

Thank you so much to all who took the trouble to comment on my last post - an overwhelming vote of confidence in favour of black and self-expression!

I was delighted to find a new post on the Will Kemp Art School blog this week covering this very topic. Some of you may be interested to read it... it's here.