things I have liked today

I am one of those people who absolutely love lists. Shopping lists, whats-for-dinner lists, things-to-do lists, guest lists... lists of ideas, lists of places to go, lists of music, lists of books. I find it very freeing to liberate all this stuff from my head, it's a bit like pushing back the furniture to make room for dancing. So when I discovered this site I was thrilled beyond imagining... it allows you to make as many lists as you like on whatever subject you like, archive them and post them on your own little listy homepage!

This discovery came at a very good time for me, because I wanted to start making a short daily list of things I've enjoyed. Mostly very simple things... as a reminder, as an inspiration, as a thank you. Just five things each day. Sometimes it's hard to pick out only five, and sometimes, if I'm honest, it's hard to find even one... it's a lovely exercise to do for lots of different reasons... I was surprised to find that as I look back over the entries it reads almost like a diary, I can tell if I was at work or at home and there are so many reminders of what I did, ate, saw, heard.

You can have a look at my page here, and if you do, you will see if you haven't already guessed, that today I have been planting bulbs.

One of my favourite lists is this one by Keri Smith, who is an inspirational list-maker.

1. Life and people are impermanent
2. Slow down
3. Look people in the eye
4. Drink tea
5. Be kind
6. Simple things hold the secret

She also has a wonderful list of a hundred creative ideas for when you can't think of anything to do...


Unknown said...

What a wonderful post, your blogs continue to inspire my craft.

I have awarded you my Sunshine Blog Award.
See here for information

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

What a good idea. I have a list going right next to me but I can't say it is inspirational, more functional, but like you I do like the way a list frees my head from things buzzing about.


I like this idea of making lists...there something self-affirming about it. This is who I am and this is what interests inspirational to see others interests as well.


greenolive said...

What a great find! I, too, am a list maker.
Does "things enjoyed today" = gratitude? If so, you are sooooo good. I haven't started mine yet. But I think this online list thingo might be just what I need to give me a nudge.
And I like the 100 ideas list, I think I'll print the PDF & put it on my notice board....

Claire said...

Interesting reading other people's lists and finding out what they do and don't like. Do you ever find a shopping list left by someone else in a trolley and read it? I do, it gives you little insights into other people's lives. Great site, Hyacinth bulbs one of my favourite bulbs, beautiful perfume, always mean to pot some up for indoors, but always forget, put that on the list! One more thing, just love your blanket, wonderful colours and pattern.

Chrissie said...

My favourite list to write is what clothes to pack for going on holiday - it's never the same as what ends up in the suitcase though!
I liked the sound of pebbles in the sea on your things enjoyed list and I'm definitely going to use the 100 ideas list - lots of inspiration.

Gilly said...

If your mother might make a motherly remark - that seems a funny time to be planting bulbs!

Love the idea of lists of 5 things I've enjoyed every day. Your list-manic Mum is going to do that right away!

silverpebble said...

My lists help keep me on the right track. Thanks so much for that link it sounds fascinating. You have egged me on to add another thing to my weekend lists. Plant slightly forlorn bulbs and hope for the best with them!

ljw said...

I'm a big list maker - shopping lists, jobs to do lists. They focus my mind when I'm in a dithery mood. But the creative lists look much more fun and I'll probably achieve more with them.
I'm still working my way round this lovely site.

Lyn said...

Oh I love a good list and have them everywhere! I bought a book once about lists-don't know where it is though!

A time to dance said...

Polly and I have been feeling blue recently, what with Grandpas death and school, so we have been thinking of 5 things that we have liked every bed time and it does make you feel better...even when it is quite difficult...we are going to make it an evening ritual...hope you are all well...lovely photos..H