something old, something new

I'm going to be completely honest and say that this year has not got off to a good start. January has, on the whole, been rubbish so far and it feels like pretty much everything that could go wrong, has. I was fairly realistic about the chances of the year being 'new' in any sort of way, but even I probably couldn't have imagined just how much like old times it would seem.

At times like these creativity seems in short supply. I am slowly learning how to maintain the energy for myself when times are hard, but meanwhile crochet seems like a good plan. A little playing around with colour and shape and the prospect of yarn shopping is just enough excitement for me right now.

I'm planning another blanket, hopefully using Rowan's luscious Felted Tweed DK if funds allow. I've worked the sample squares shown above in a cheaper DK to see what effect I like best. At the moment I'm rather liking the little stars, but I might make the squares smaller.

I hope to be able to report back on progress very soon... tomorrow I'm going on a yarn-buying expedition. This makes me very happy.


marigold jam said...

Love the colour scheme - as always you have such lovely muted shades on your blog. Sorry that your year hasn't got off to a good start and hope that with the new month on Wednesday things might improve for you.

Annie said...

Yarn shopping ... nothing beats it as a pick-you-up (though in my world it probably ties with eating chocolate). I hope your year improves PDQ x

Karen said...

Sorry to hear that your year has got off to a bad start. I always find blanket making so soothing and yarn buying a true joy. Fingers crossed that your year picks up.

The word verification is badule which sort of fits don't you think? Made me smile anyway.

Toffeeapple said...

We are so conditioned to thinking of January as new year when good things should happen when, in reality, things just carry on being horrible. For me, Easter is a time of revival and new growth. I don't buy commercially made things to celebrate, not even a crème egg, but it serves to remind me that things start to get better at Easter. Even the birds think so.

Sandra Robinson said...

Yes lovely colour scheme, and I also like the small stars. I imagine crochet is quite relaxing, it's something I have not done for a very long time not sure I can remember how to do it. Enjoy the yarn buying expedition.

driftwood said...

yarn shopping sounds like the perfect pick me up. enjoy and take care.

Cathy at PotterJotter said...

I think the only way to get through the first months of the year is to conserve your energy for doing what makes you happy. Buy that yarn - make some plans for it.

Claire said...

Hey Sue, I'm sorry to read things aren't going as well as hoped.

I find crochet projects to be just the thing when nothing else is working out the way I would like it to. Crochet is something I can pick up and work at and put down in small blocks of time. I can pop a ball of wool and hook in my bag and do a little whilst having coffee out or waiting for an appointment.

Love the sample squares, nice to be doing some yarn buying too.

Hope things pick up soon, sending blue sky and sunshine wishes for a happy Feb.

Claire x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Yarn buying makes me happy too. :)
As for the year ~ the only way is up!
Vivienne x

Frances said...

Sue, January has got that thing about looking forwards and backwards. Some of that pivoting always gets me a bit spun around. Don't always like the spot where the spin stops!

I do agree that crocheting/knitting can be a very pleasing activity. You end up making something that will look good, and the regularity of joining all those loops is very soothing. (Well, it is for me.)

Right now I am working on some socks, and I recently finished a scarf I made for a work colleague who's going on to other prospects. She loved the scarf. I loved making it.

This does mean that my yarn supply is a bit diminished. I am trying so hard not to buy any more just yet, but might weaken.

(Also doing a very little bit of drawing and painting.)

February is just around the corner. Let's see what develops!)


Pomona said...

Although every year I tell myself that it is going to be different, every year January is rubbish somehow, and this year has not failed me - roll on spring is what I say! And I hope that your February far oustrips your January (in a good way) - but the blanket looks pretty good to me, and just the thing to hide under!

Pomona x

rossichka said...

Hello, dear Sue! Well, we always have a huge basket full of wonderful wishes for every New Year, but I doubt that anyone expects a miracle, so that they became true in its very beginning! So, don't lose hope, don't stop to dream and expect - we have 11 months ahead, full of surprises and so many things to go through...
I think you found a wonderful way for relaxing - the crocheting. Again lovely, soft colours, again nice design!
I wish you to find more time for yourself and your soul during the year, as well as much love, inspiration and health!
I'm sorry that I've been absent for so long, but my African journey changed my whole rhythm of life and I'm still "recovering"...:)xx

Jane said...

Sorry things haven't been good so far. I don't know if you've got a House of Fraser anywhere near you, but both the ones around here have Rowan Felted Tweed in the sale.

KnitNana said...

You're not alone in things overall less than pleasant in this new year (yes, me, too). But I like your "lemonade from lemons" prospect of yarn shopping and a pretty blanket. Love the colors you're using, but I usually love the calming nature of your colorsense.
I'm keeping fingers crossed that our year makes a turn for the better really soon!

sue said...

Oh those colours are gorgeous, so relaxing. Hope you had a blast on your yarn buying trip!

Carol said...

Crafting seems to focus the mind and stop us worrying too muchabout things.
Hope 2012 turns out to be a lot better than it has started for you.
Carol xx