paint it black

Thank you so much to all who took the trouble to comment on my last post - an overwhelming vote of confidence in favour of black and self-expression!

I was delighted to find a new post on the Will Kemp Art School blog this week covering this very topic. Some of you may be interested to read it... it's here.


Gilly said...

I am totally amazed as to what you can do by mixing paints! I did do it on that postal course I did, but a bit of his video would have helped enormously.

Wouldn't have made me into an artist, though!

Toffeeapple said...

That's a very interesting article that you gave a link to. Some of the work on that blog is stunning. do you feel better about using black now?

Annie said...

Thank you for sharing that, what a fascinating read.
Love the photo, very autumnal :D

Magic Cochin said...

I missed your earlier post, so I've just had a quick read...
I love sketching with black ink, but rarely use it for my prints - yes some look 'black' but in fact the colour is mixed from Bronze Dark Blue (like Prussian Blue), Crimson and Yellow Ochre. Which are the 3 colours the art teacher at school restricted us to for all our life classes!
It's also because I find pure black printing ink a pig to work with on linocuts, the mixed 'black' is more maleable and smooth to use.

Do you prefer some pigments because of their 'feel' rather than their colour?

Isn't it strange how we develop an inner palette -without thinking I always tend to end up with the same range of earthy winter colours!


Sandra Robinson said...

Looking forward to seeing more of your paintings, and will definitely be giving black a go myself rather than the paynes grey. The link to the Will Kemp art school blog was really interesting.

Sue said...

Thanks for your comments :-)

Celia - yes I find myself attracted to the semi translucent pigments like alizarin crimson and burnt umber.

ljw said...

if I've read Paul Kemp's blog correctly, he encourages the use of black by mixing colours rather than using black straight from the tube which is probably why the use of black works.

I'm trying to learn not to use it, because it does flatten my pictures, but I use dry materiials such as pastels and coloured pencils so maybe black works differently for different media.

Actually I'm hopeless at colour!

rushessay order said...

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