do you see what I see?

Well yes, you do, because this is exactly what I saw this morning, as I sat at my kitchen table drinking a mug of tea. One of those little moments during a sunny golden day in the middle of October when everything is quiet and nothing moves except for the chirrup of birds outside in the trees and the occasional leaf meandering down to the ground. A moment of nothing much, yet contained within that moment is everything that is good and happy.

Recently my head has been strangely empty, as if its contents had been siphoned out and swished around a bit. That's ok. Sometimes when days are full of busyness there isn't much time for thinking. Despite this, I sense a sort of shape-shifting activity, as if when my thoughts find form again, they will reflect a different perspective. I hope so.


marigold jam said...

Lovely photo and lovely words too - we all need a bit of down time to just "be" rather than "do" and it looks as if you got yours this morning.


rossichka said...

You caught in your photo that moment of quietness and purity. The sunny part of the wall promises a golden day, really!
Well, it doesn't sound bad at all to have your head cleared up from its usual "luggage"! It's so nice! And I suppose it is exciting to feel that something new is going to be born sooner or later!:-)

Sweet Birdy Love said...

Hey Sue, what a beautiful morning/moment yuo described.
I love those moments, they give balance to my life and reinforce the belief that the simplest things in life can be the most treasured.
I hope you get to enjoy many more moments like this.

Lucille said...

I'm looking for that too. At the moment it's just swishing.It was a lovely sunny day though.

Chrissie said...

hmmmmmm, nicely put. I can imagine the moment.

Frances said...

Sue, it is always a please to see a new post from you, because I know that you are going to show a picture or write some words that will be a springboard for my thoughts.

The serenity of this photo is so welcome. There is something in that open door and table and chair and mention of tea that has taken me back to my Brooklyn apartment.

How lovely to have morning light as company to a new day. I imagine that your creative mind is quietly filling up with wonderful new paths for exploration.

I've been playing around with crochet and knitting and slowing down my own "off-duty" clock, trying not to feel forced to fit too much into time that I might stetch a bit with a more gentle pace.

This time of year is also a marvelous time for walks in the Park, where the light can also surprise with its sharpness, or softness.

Best wishes.

Gilly said...

Maybe we all need a "swishing" time. We can get jammed full of inconsequentials and worries. You have a lovely place to sit and drink your morning tea - I envy you.

But I don't know about the "occasional" leaf - we are covered already in the garden, as is the park.

Sue said...

Thanks so much everyone for your thoughtful comments - I can't reply to many of you personally as you're without email addresses. But thanks! x

TheMuddledMarketPlace said...

what a view!

your blog has been so helpful, thank you

Tabiboo said...

Your picture speaks volumes.

To be honest my head feels like that most days, but then gibberish seems to tumble out instead.

take care,

Nina xxx

Diane said...

OK - you can have Martin Fry - but I feel we made him the success that he became! He was nothing until he came accross the Snake Pass. My head recently has been to packed with "stuff" in fact packed to bursting! I'd love someone to come and empty it a bit. Ive done nothing but worry about my girl (she was "robbed" in the Printworks by the way - the very nice policeman said that they are getting about 20 per night around there at the moment!). I love your Tea spot - it looks really

Virginia Mallon-Ackermann said...

Beautiful warm and welcoming. Enjoy the silence in the moment and in pursuits...more will come and you will have to fight hard to recapture this pretty point in time.

ljw said...

Make the most of those days. They are few and far between. None of us find time just to sit, think and live in the moment to spring clean our minds of clutter.

Jackie said...

This was a long time ago. I have missed blog now your thoughts will have re formed..I know because I got here by scrolling down.

Martina Tierney said...

Hello, I've recently discovered your blog, like it very much and will be coming back for more!
Best wishes