With Norfolk in the news today I realised it was about time I got round to posting some of my photos from our trip there last month.

Wouldn't you just love a woodpile like this?

Norfolk is a big, big county and nearly all of it is absolutely lovely, but the north west coast - sometimes called the Saltmarsh Coast - is the loveliest part of all. One of the reasons for this is that it's miles and miles from anywhere, and it always takes us a good half-day to get there - very bad news for the impatient holidaymaker.

Blakeney village is full of quirky things like this funny old door knocker

Once you're there, though, you might never want to leave, and this is always what happens to me. I spend a good part of the holiday feverishly plotting how we could move there and live forever in such a peaceful, beautiful place... until I work out that a) there's no work, b) living somewhere is never the same as being on holiday and c) all my family would be hundreds of miles away. This very same thought process occurs every single time we go. Doh! You would think I'd learn.

Ancient painted wood screens in the beautiful, lonely church at Salle which sits all by itself in the middle of fields and is almost big enough to be a cathedral

Anyway, it's always lovely and we always have a wonderful, reviving time. There are six main things to do in Norfolk: 1) Walk slowly looking at things 2) Cycle slowly looking at things 3) Watch birds 4) Eat delicious local food 5) Mooch about 6) Absolutely nothing. As we like to pack in as many activities as possible, we generally make the effort to fit in almost all of these every day and thus get the maximum benefit from our visit. We are no slouches.

One of the places we enjoyed eating and drinking was Wiveton Farm Cafe which is in an utterly beautiful setting on the edge of the marshes and surrounded by gently rolling woodland. You can watch marsh harriers hunting and eat freshly picked strawberries from Emma Bridgewater pottery. It was only about ten minutes walk from where we stayed.

On our last day, we pushed the boat out and went to visit the very lovely and delightful Voewood House, a gorgeous Arts and Crafts house near Holt which is owned by the bookseller Simon Finch and has been decorated by his friend Annabel Grey.

It's made entirely from local stone, brick and concrete - one of the first houses to be built from concrete in this country.

Annabel Grey did these lovely mosaics in one of the bathrooms.

As well as being beautifully restored architecturally, it is a brilliantly quirky interior packed full of original artwork, unusual artefacts and little displays of books and ornaments.

The garden is beautiful as well.


Claire said...

Oh Sue sounds and looks wonderful. No doubt you came away rested and batteries recharged with bags of inspiration to boot.

Bobo Bun said...

So glad you like our county Sue. Fortunately it doesn't lead to anywhere so it manages to stay relatively quiet and unchanged. You found a few of the gems on your visit. By the way I loved your blanket inspired by our coast and skies.

I'm off to Wiveton next week for a private view which should be very civilised indeed.

Gina said...

I want to go... now!

Dragonfly said...

So, so lovely. It really has been too long since I've been back.

Jane said...

All this and St Julian of Norwich, too: And all shall be well and
All manner of thing shall be well.
Sorry, I'm married to a medievalist, it rubs off. If you've never heard of St Julian, her 'Sixteen Revelations of Divine Love' written in the late 14th Century is supposed to be the earliest book written in English by a woman and is quite beautiful. 'The Book of Margery Kemp' an autobiography by a woman of King's Lynn from the same period is also worth a mention as they sort of go together although very different. Apologies again - feeling a bit erudite this evening:-)

elsy said...

we love norfolk and you have tempted us with some places we still havent seen ...thank you

Gigibird said...

I think you could get a job for the Norfolk tourist board:)
Photos are gorgeous.

Magic Cochin said...

I love n-w Norfolk, and spent many childhood Saturday afternoons on Thornham marshes and the vast sand beach beyond it.

Thanks for the introduction to Voewood - I must go there next time I visit.


Gilly said...

I do love your photos - they are always so subtle and gentle, with delicate shades, and always of quirky things, or close ups of ordinary objects, which makes them wonderfully different.

And I love Norfolk too. MUST goi there again. Soon.

Chrissie said...

definitely going on the 'to do' list - we love visiting Norfolk and it's not so very far for us - any excuse!

Lyn said...

What a beautiful place and lovely photos. We went to Norfolk years ago, think we might be in for a re-visit!

vicki said...

absolutely out of this world photos! I love this post - you always do such a wonderful job in showing your travels! I would be crazed if I was someplace this photogenic!


Jackie said...

I have exactly the same feelings when I go there, and then I remember how much I love the lake district.Did you stay in Blakeney? Have you ever eaten at 'The Moorings'? I think I had the best meal ever there last summer.

Diane said...

We had a 2 week holiday in Norfolk last year and loved it. We have also done a few long weekends camping near Holt (one place was an old mansion - we stayed in the walled garden - lovely). It is so beautiful and a very different part of England - I love it, and your photos are gorgeous.

A Time to Dance said...

It looks wonderful Sue, I have always wanted to go there. I have 4 days to go...then I can start my linen circles blanket...cant wait...glad you had such a lovely time...every blessing H