making discoveries

A parcel of linen hearts went off in the post to my London lady this week. I was very pleased with how nice they looked with the new labels.

I have managed some creative time this week but it is interesting how my thoughts keep coming back to bags... I don't know why. I went to the post office with the hearts and had an idea for a new shopper... four hours later I admitted defeat... I think maybe my head is not geared up for all those technical challenges at the moment... maybe I just need to draw and paint for a bit, loosen up.

I think if your aim is to make a decorative item you are thinking primarily about the finished product and how the embellishment or decoration will slot into the making process... whereas if you are simply creating, exploring, mark-making, the creative process is freer.

It is so interesting to make all these discoveries. Giving myself time and freedom allows these explorations and mistakes become useful rather than a waste of time.

This afternoon we have been treated to a rare daytime visit from our lovely resident owl. We often hear hooting at night but seldom see anything other than a brief rush of feathery wings in the day. Today he, or she, has been sitting for hours in the rain in our neighbours' beech tree, beautifully camouflaged.

Later: when we looked out at dusk there were two owls there in the tree, one above the other... magical.


Elizabeth Musgrave said...

took me a while to find your owl - either fabulous camoflage (him) or terrible eyesight (me). wonderful picture.

Frances said...

Sue, isn't it just a bit of magic when you do spot an owl ... or two, in daylight. I have only done this twice ... each time in the Shakespeare's Garden area of Central Park.

You might enjoy reading my friend Marie Winn's book, Central Park in the Dark. Marie is an expert observer of all things natural.

It's good that you continue to pursue the entire notion of commerce and art and how they might mix.


Kate Fernyhough said...

gorgeous photo of the owl!
I know how you feel about making the bags, whenever I set about doing some sewing it takes twice as long as it would for someone who knows how to sew!!

Gilly said...

That owl has got a splendid view of moving dinner from there!

How lovely to see them so close! Do you remember the owl we had at TG in the next door's cherry tree?

Diane said...

How utterley fabulous!!! A noisey neighbour - but a really interesting one (better than my neighbours!!)

Heather said...

i had never thought about the creative process of painting vs. sewing as you explained, but it makes so much sense. When you're making something as a means to an end, there's a tension to it...whereas, with painting, it just sort of evolves. I am much better at the painting ;)

Carol said...

What a beautiful photo of the owl! Great camouflage. Love your hearts, too.

Clare Wassermann said...

I have just discovered your blog and discover that you live an almost parallel life to me - except I'm directly, but not far, south of you. Good luck with your less sales orientated, but more YOU life. x

Beth Niquette said... sounds just lovely. I do so enjoy owls. Their silence, their song and their mystery.

Joan - South Island, New Zealand. said...

I am enjoying your blog. It is very refreshing. Your photography is well done and shows your work in a lovely way.