dark heart

Happily, I had a few hours to myself today to work on some new linen hearts. This dark brown one came later on in the afternoon, after I'd developed my old pattern and hopefully arrived at something a little more decorative and delicate:

It took me a while playing around with oddly shaped and brightly coloured prototypes to work out which job to do first, how to attach the ribbons and beads, which colour threads to use, and all those lovely playful, creative decisions. I'm pleased - these have turned out almost exactly as I saw them in my head and drew them in my sketchbook - always a happy outcome.

I did enjoy having a root through my button jars as well... always a soothing activity.

This is just a quick post as I'm off to collect my little granddaughter and then life always gets a bit hectic around teatime. In the next few days I'll show you some lovely pictures from our sunny holiday in the Wye Valley.

Don't forget there are still a few really cheap bargains going in the shop, so if you haven't ordered anything yet (and thank you to all who have) then why not pop along and see what's there.


Pomona said...

They are lovely hearts - I love the way the colours and the embellishments work together.

Pomona x

Pipany said...

very beautiful combination of stitching and fabric x

kate fern said...

They are lovely, I especially like the dark one. Glad you're getting the odd bit of peace and quiet to work/play!

Diane said...

Lovely hearts and embroidery. xx

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

dear sue

i didn't want to take up precious comment space however, my email to you got spit back (twice!)so here i am.
i ordered three hearts of your work which i like very much. the stiching is lighthearted and so pleasing. I'm looking forward to seeing what you will have for the yuletide.

many thanks
ps i found you through cathy cullis's blog.

cocoa and blankets said...

Hello sweetie, I have missed you...been very busy while you have been away...see my bost...nearly down to my pants!!!! watch out for tomorrows post where I re-live labour...Polly is 13 tomorrow...where have those years gone?...love and hugs H

Frances said...

Hello Sue,

The linen hearts are delicate, yet such strong images. I just love that balancing act that you have created so very well.

Short of time here as usual, yet I am trying to do a bit of creative stuff, too.