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One of the fab things about blogging is how many ideas I get for days out and holidays. It's brilliant - like having my own personalised travel section of the Sunday paper! All I have to do is sit back and follow all my favourite blogs... which of course I've chosen because I admire their aesthetics, taste, outlook on life, sense of humour or whatever... so when I see a post about a holiday or a favourite place, I immediately sit up and take notice, knowing it's more than likely I'll love it too.

This is how we ended up at Sunderland Point on Sunday, having seen Jackie's post about collecting driftwood there a few weeks ago. I had read that driftwood fires burn with a lovely bluey green light and since it's nearly time for the first autumn fire I had a deep yearning to see if it was true. I love the sea in all its manifestations so the chance to get blown around on lovely pebbly beaches and estuary salt marshes was too good to miss.

Sunderland Point is marshy and can only be reached by a causeway when the tide is out.

It does get very windy...

It has a lovely lost and forgotten atmosphere. We found this abandoned gipsy caravan at the tide's edge.

The edges here are wild and surprising yet woven together like a tapestry.

Because it is washed by the sea twice a day lots of interesting little plants grow in the pebbles.

I even found some seaside knitting...

And a strange fossilly thing...

We had loads of fun collecting driftwood and I made mine into bundles thanks to some lost string.

Rory found a German box to put his in.

Sunderland Point has definitely gone on my list of favourite places, so thank you Jackie!

Other places I'm dreaming of visiting... the Scottish islands, thanks to Kate's beautiful introduction, Wentworth in South Yorkshire courtesy of Diane, and another trip to Northumberland after reading Lucy's lovely posts. If I keep saving my airmiles we might make it to some of the places Viv showed us in Bruges, or maybe even Helen's inspirational Venice...

Have you been inspired to travel somewhere thanks to a blog post?


Pomona said...

I think you have just inspired me! Have you burnt the driftwood yet? And did it burn blue?

Pomona x

bad penny said...

ooh how lovely. I have been lucky enough to have driftwood fires in the carribean thanks to my husband's job. Sheer magik !

elizabethm said...

What a great place. have you been to Newborough Warren on Anglesey? I am sure you would love it if you haven't got there yet.

acornmoon said...

This reminds me of the Derek Jarman garden, not that I have ever visited there but I have read about it!

I follow a blog by a lady who lives nearby, we have never met but it is so interesting to read about her walks. I often get ideas for day trips.

Your photo's are lovely.

Cottage Garden said...

I'm pretty much inspired by those links to Kate, Viv and Helen too! If you like Italy you could take a peek at my 28 May post 'La Dolce Vita' - Italy being my absolute favourite foreign destination.

I love the little plants growing amongst the pebbles and the driftwood is wonderful.

A belated happy 50th to Rory by the way! Sounds like you had a fab party.

Jeanne x

Gigibird said...

I think finding things like blackberries and driftwood feeds our primeval urge to forage. Plus it’s fun.
We don’t get much driftwood here but we did get a dead dolphin last week.
You are bang on about finding interesting places to visits after reading blogs….I discovered a lavender farm near Chichester that I didn’t know existed.

Frances said...

Sue, you are absolutely correct about how reading blogs can give one wanderlust.

So many interesting introductions to places you'd never otherwise know about appear day after day.

I look forward to your telling us about that colorful flame from the driftwood!

The little green petals (?) standing proudly up amongst those pebble made a fine picture. The tree in the wind was a classic!

Best wishes. xo

Hollace said...

I can't believe the gypsy caravan! How utterly romantic. I used to dream of traveling with the gypsies... And I still love to wander with tips like this from blogs. (Too bad airfare is an obstacle.)

Jackie said...

I'm so glad you liked it. had you been before? Did you see 'Sambo's grave' So sad but so un PC!
I think it has a certain grey beauty to the whole place. The houses are gorgeous aren't they?
Thanks for the lovely link.

Gilly said...

You do go a long way for your days out! Hsve just found Sunderland Point on the map.......


(Your word verification is 'trust'. Now isn't that nice?)

Diane said...

Check out my blog to see where I was yesterday!!! Are you on my photo's? How very very spooky.

Diane said...

PS I am constantly inspired to visit other places because of blog posts. Ive earmarked the Goyt Valley because of your mums recent post. xxx